Making a 5th Bedroom

Our house was listed as a 4 bedroom, but boasted a "sitting room" for the master.  It was obvious during the walk through that this could be converted into a 5th bedroom.  

Here is the floor plan when we bought it:
The light blue/grey section is what was called the sitting area.  This is a split level house, so there are three stairs separating the lower (left) and upper (right) portions.  Our new floor plan is shown below:

To accomplish this we needed to remove the doorway to the landing and open it up to become just a continuation of the landing/hallway.  Then we added two walls.  And suddenly we have a 5th bedroom!  

Below is a video I took of the space where I explain the changes and you can see the space.  

In a future post (once we finish) I'll share some more pictures of the project.  For now, you can see some over on Instagram.  

Oh, and if you looked at those floor plans and thought, man, they have a big master closet, you would be both right and wrong.  Yes, it has a large floor space, but the ceiling slopes pretty steeply, so you can't stand up in about 80% of it!  Here's a picture from inside of it from before we moved in.  It does work great for storing all the boxes I have yet to unpack!


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